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About the Artist

Janet Uyetake has been designing and creating miniature dollhouse food since 1979.

Janet began as a miniature food artist selling wholesale to dollhouse shops in the early 80's Some of her earliest dollhouse  miniature food was represented in the Enchanted Dollhouse of Vermont Catalogue in the 1980's.

Janet graduated from the University of Hawaii intending to become a Marine Biologist but got sidetract by marriage and children. She started selling wholesale, first to local shops in Hawaii, then branched out to a few mainland shops. She was again sidetract from creating miniatures by opening her own dollhouse shop. First, she opened Miniatures Workshop in 1981 and then in 1983 opened My Favorite Things at Ward Warehouse. Creating dollhouse miniature food was put on hold again. Running a large Dollhouse Miniature and gift shop was a full time job with no time for creating miniature food.

While the store was a financial success Janet was anxious to get back to her passion of creating unique dollhouse miniature food. Since Janet went to all the big shows nationally and internationally, she decided to sell and buy for the store at many of the shows.

Janet submitted her work to IGMA, and in 1997 achieved artisan status in the International Guild of Miniature Artists.

Janet closed her shop in 1999 and devoted the next years to perfecting her art in miniature.

In 2001 Janet was awarded the highest award, Fellow status, in the I.G.M.A.

It has been a rewarding career. Many articles and covers of Dollhouse magazines have been devoted to Janet's work both nationally and internationally. It was thrilling to see Janet Uyetake's tropical treats on the cover of Dollhouse Miniatures Magazine, November 1998; but it was a real surprise to see her carved Turkey dinner on the cover of American Miniaturist Magazine, November 2005, since it was just a last minute idea to do the article. The magazine editor loved it so much it was put on the cover.

IGMA Fellow

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